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All Volunteers for baseball, softball, and teeball must be background checked and approved to be on the field with the kids.  Please go to the following link: create an account.  Please choose Mid-Atlantic Region, and choose Folsom A.A. from the league selection list.  This will ensure that you're information will be viewable by the Folsom Athletic Association Administrator.  You will be required to also watch some short videos on sexual abuse training and required to take and pass a test at the end of the videos.  If you do not complete this part, you will not be issued a clear background check.  These two items go hand in hand and must be completed every 2 years to remain a volunteer. 
For coaching positions, Babe Ruth requires that Baseball and Softball Coaches, and Assistant Coaches be certified to coach.  Please go to the following link(s) to sign up and complete the coaching certification program. 

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